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No installation required
You don't need to download software or install any Apps
Any phone model
Compatible with any cell phone model, of any brand and age
Supports all networks
Works with all mobile network operators: trace phone number of anyone you’d like

How it works:

Step 1SMS sent to Device
You can edit the text before sending.
The Tracking Link will be appended automatically.
Step 2User opens the link
The Tracking Link leads to a special website.
Step 3User shares location
The owner or finder of the Device agrees to geolocation.
This improves the geopositioning a lot by granting GPS precision.
Step 4Location is displayed on the map
You can see the Device's location on the map in real-time.
Movement will be saved as well for route tracking.
Step 1Connect with your cloud service credentials
This grants access to your all your devices,
which can be geolocated.
Step 2Import your Devices
Associate imported devices or create new profiles.
Step 3Location and Trace via Live Map
All your devices are tracked and the current location can be displayed.
Also the location history is displayed, up to 180 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The localization of a cell phone is generally referred to as cell phone tracking. Of particular interest here is real-time location determination via various radio protocols such as GSM, GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth and their transmission via SMS or the Internet.

Yes. our software is designed to work completely remotely. You can utilize the advanced tracking features of today's technology, conveniently and without direct access to the device.

Yes. Of course it is not permitted to locate other people. With the exception of underage children, adults in care and, in some cases, employees. However, if someone has given their consent to be tracked, this can be done at any time until it is revoked.

No. It is not necessary to install an app or any other software. Our software works with all devices without installation.

Yes. Our cell phone tracking can be carried out without any action on the part of the device owner. In such a case, time is of the essence, so you need to be quick.

Yes. As a Premium user you can create as many devices as you like.

Locating takes place in real time. The result is displayed on a map within a few seconds.

We support absolutely all networks worldwide, as our software is not dependent on the network operator, but transmits data via specialized third-party providers.

Pretty much all smartphones that have a browser and can receive SMS.

What our customers say

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A safer feeling for my family I bought this cell phone tracking software for my two kids and I am really satisfied. The program is user friendly and I can check the location of my kids at any time. The emergency alerts are reassuring and make me feel safer when my kids are out and about. Privacy seems to be guaranteed as well. I definitely recommend HandyLocate to other parents.
Increased efficiency for my courier company Since I started using this cell phone tracking software for my courier business, I have been able to better manage my employees and vehicles. The geofencing feature is great and the route planning has improved our delivery times. I also appreciate that the software is compliant with the law and values privacy. Clear recommendation!
My constant travel companion As someone who is constantly traveling, this cell phone tracking software has made my day several times! I lost my phone once in a coffee shop, but was able to find it quickly thanks to the app. The remote wipe and alert notifications are great security features. The app works reliably even in remote areas. Highly recommended!
Innovative and customizable location app As a tech enthusiast, I am impressed with the features of this cell phone tracking software. The app is user-friendly and offers many customization options. I especially appreciate the open API and the ability to share the location with my family and friends. Privacy is also guaranteed. A great app for technology fans!
More safety for the seniors I care for I tried this cell phone tracking software for the seniors I care for and I am very pleased. The app is easy to use and allows me to view location history and medical alerts. It also respects privacy, which is especially important to me. I will definitely recommend this software to others.